10 Easy Tips for using a

FingerPrint Memory Tree at your Event

1.) Have hand wipes next to your guest tree or fingerprint guestbook so attendees can clean up after sharing their fingerprint or thumbprint.
Place a small bin near the table next to your FingerPrint Memory Tree so guest can dispose of their used hand wipe.

2.) Place the instruction card on how guests can use your FingerPrint Memory Tree nearby in order to help guests participate.

3.) Use only archival quality ink pads for your FingerPrint Memory Tree.

4.) Fill in any unused space on your FingerPrint Memory Tree after the event by using your own fingerprints.

5.) Don’t forget to sign your own FingerPrint Memory Tree.

6.) Use only archival quality pens for your FingerPrint Memory Tree.

7.) Have a friend/family member stand near the FingerPrint Memory Tree in order to instruct guests on what to do.

8.) Choose 2 to 3 different “leaf” colors for your FingerPrint Memory Tree to really make the picture pop.

9.) Consider having everyone put their “leaf” on your FingerPrint Memory Tree in the same color, and have the guest of honor sign the FingerPrint Memory Tree in another.

10.) Buy a small frame to place the instruction card in to make it look nice next to your FingerPrint Memory Tree.


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